How To Get Back Together With Your Ex

Breaking up with someone you still love is painful. You feel empty, confused, and just plain miserable.

The good news is that there are ways to repair your relationship and get back together.

The problem is that most people who want to fix a relationship act too emotionally, and this only pushes the other person further away.

That’s right, most of us do the exact opposite thing we should be doing when trying to rekindle a romance!

So what should a person do if he or she wants to get back together with an ex?

Everything you need to know about repairing a relationship can be found in a remarkable little book called “The Magic of Making Up”.

Now considered a classic, this controversial book is both loved and hated by relationship experts.

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Magic of Making Up

Why is The Magic of Making Up So Controversial?

“The Magic of Making Up” has offended some people because it teaches people to manipulate the situation to their advantage. Some consider it unethical. But it’s hard to argue with success.

Thousands of men and women have successfully reunited with their ex-boyfriend or girlfriend by following the strategies and advice in “The Magic of Making Up”. And it’s saved countless marriages.

Some critics don’t like the fact that the author doesn’t have degrees or certifications. Others say why does he need them? The important thing is that he is truly an expert when it comes to relationships. Few people know how to influence the behavior and emotions of others as well as he does.

The author’s name is T.W. Jackson. Even he admits that his advice is unconventional. And he worries that his methods will be used for less than honorable intentions.

T.W. Jackson is no academic. He writes in a simple, conversational style that’s easy to understand. Mr. Jackson himself has a very likeable manner. You can see for yourself in this video, in which he talks about one of the strategies in the book.

One thing that is important to remember is that the methods in “The Magic of Making Up” will not work unless there is still some spark remaining in the relationship. If there is, then that spark can be fanned into a flame by following the plan outlined in the book.

However, if there truly is no love left in the relationship, then nothing can be done to repair it.

If you’re hesitant to buy “The Magic of Making Up” because you’re not sure if it can work for you, please remember that there is a money-back guarantee. Yes, you can easily get your money back if you want to—no questions asked.

Obviously, not everyone who reads this book will get back together with their exes—for a variety of reasons. And the author wants to make sure that people don’t feel ripped off if that’s the case. He’d rather simply return their money.

In order to be eligible for the refund, you must buy the book directly from the official “Magic of Making Up” website. This book is actually an e-book, which means you can download it through your computer and start reading it seconds after ordering it.

“I Want to Get Back Together, But I Don’t Know How”

This is something that T.W. Jackson used to hear a lot when he was in the army. The military has a very high divorce rate, and because Mr. Jackson had such a good reputation as a relationship expert, men and women used to come to him for advice all the time. He had an uncanny knack for getting people back together.

His advice was so good, in fact, that many grateful men and women told him that he should write a book. Which is exactly what he did!

Mr. Jackson didn’t bother with agents, publishers, or bookstores—he wanted to communicate directly with people, so he published “The Magic of Making Up” himself, online. It became an instant bestseller and continues to be one of the bestselling e-books of all time.

Everything You Are Doing and Saying is Wrong!

The bottom line is, if there is even a spark of love left in a relationship, then there is a way to repair a breakup, no matter how awful and unpleasant it was.

The problem is that most people don’t say or do the right things. In fact, they do exactly the opposite. That’s because people act upon their emotions, which is perfectly natural but totally ineffective when trying to get your ex back.

The divorce rate in this country is alarming—more than half of all married couples get divorced! It’s a shame because many of those marriages probably could have been saved if the couple had followed the strategies and methods presented in “The Magic of Making Up”.

Fortunately, Mr. T.W. Jackson has saved many thousands of relationships the world over. And he’s received a great deal of thanks for this. Every day, he receives dozens of letters, cards, and e-mails thanking him for his advice, just as did when he was in the army.

How Do I Know If My Ex Still Loves Me?

One of the biggest questions people have is, “How do I know if my ex still loves me?” After all, if there’s no love left, then why bother buying “The Magic of Making Up” since getting back together is hopeless?

Don’t worry. There are definitely clues as to whether someone still has feelings for you, and “The Magic of Making Up” tells you exactly how to look for and recognize them. You’ll be able to know if there’s still a spark remaining before going to the trouble of trying to win your ex back.

Some other things you’ll learn include a technique that will get your ex to desire you again very quickly. (It’s very counter-intuitive, so most people never do this).

You’ll also learn about a way to convince your ex to agree to go out on a date with you. Does it work? Yes, and it seems very open and natural.

The great thing about all the methods and strategies in “The Magic of Making Up” system is that YOU are in control. You’ll feel empowered, which will give you the strength to persevere and finally get what you want—your ex back in your arms again!

Here’s just a sampling of some of the things you’ll learn about the behavior of men and women in “The Magic of Making Up”:

The secret of how to create an unbreakable bond between yourself and your ex. This secret is the key to why hostages and prisoners, against all logic, sometimes become allies with their kidnappers or jailers. This secret is very subtle, but impossible to defend against.

The #1 reason why men leave women. Surprisingly, it has nothing to do with beauty or age. But it is the one thing that men find most desirable. Learn this and you’ll keep him forever.

The thing that women crave the most. If their man can’t give it to them, they’ll eventually find someone who can. This technique was made famous by Don Juan, who used it to steal married women.

”The Magic of Making Up” book is essential reading for anyone looking to fix a breakup. Not only will it repair a romance, but it can help prevent more breakups in the future. If there’s any one relationship guide you purchase, this is it.

And remember, if for whatever reason you don’t like the book, you can get a full refund, no-questions-asked. But you have to download the book through the official website in order to be eligible to get your money back.


Breaking Up Can Be Expensive

A survey recently revealed that money is the danger zone in modern marriages. One in three marriages now ends in divorce and money remains the biggest area of dispute. The financial aspect of divorce is not only difficult where there is a shortage of money to go round, but problems also arise when there are substantial assets to divide.

In the Court of Appeal Mary Duxbury, ex-wife of the millionaire John Duxbury, was awarded a lump sum of pounds 600,000 plus a pounds 110,000 house and pounds 40,000 in contents. Mr. Duxbury had contested the settlement but the court refused to order any reduction in the figure.

The Matrimonial and Family Proceedings Act, 1984 revised the guidelines to the courts on the matters to be taken into account when making financial and property orders on divorce and marriage breakdown.

The courts must now place greater emphasis on people becoming self-sufficient – encouraging, where possible, a clean break. The income, earning capacity, property and other financial resources of both parties, present and future, must be considered.

In the Duxbury case, the husband earned pounds 145,000 a year as a company chairman; and it was said he was worth pounds 2.75 million.

Peter Grose-Hodge, of the Solicitors’ Family Law Association, commented: “Quite often the husband’s worth is the point around which the whole argument focuses. A good matrimonial lawyer will work in tandem with an experienced accountant when it comes to valuing shareholdings in a company. The court is only too aware of the problems of leaving a wife as a shareholder.”


“They are, therefore, far more likely to give a wife an increased share of other assets to avoid further conflict.”

The court will also look at the financial needs, obligations and responsibilities, present and future, of the parties.

The needs of an ex-wife, where there are large sums involved, has been interpreted as reasonable requirements. Any arithmetical guidelines such as one-third or one-half of joint assets are therefore often irrelevant.

In 1982, in the case of Preston v Preston, one of the judges declared that the wife of a man with a fortune of pounds 2 million can reasonably be expected to have a home costing pounds 200,000 to pounds 300,000. One of the other judges said in the same case that the wife was entitled to a very comfortable and even luxurious life. Unfortunately, the husband had never heard of “The Magic of Making Up”, which presents relationship advice that might have prevented the break up. He might have saved a lot of his money if he had read this best-selling relationship guide!

Depending on the context, reasonable requirements can mean villas abroad, holidays, houses, cars and payment of school fees.

The court in the Duxbury case looked carefully at the third criterion laid down in the law – the standard of living enjoyed by the family before the breakdown of the marriage. The judges believed the income that Mrs. Duxbury would earn from the pounds 600,000 lump sum she had been awarded would keep her in the proper style.

Jill Trelfa, a matrimonial lawyer, commented: “In these cases the courts will try to maintain the standard of living as far as possible. However, while a husband may be extremely wealthy on paper, if his capital is mainly tied up in his business, the courts are reluctant to make any order which would jeopardize the future of the business.” Again, it might be a good idea to try out the strategies and techniques for resolving marriage problems in “The Magic of Making Up.”

The other factors the court will consider include the age of the parties, and the length of the marriage, any physical or mental disability, the contribution which each of the parties has made or is likely to make to the welfare of the family, the parties’ conduct if it would be inequitable to disregard it, and any loss of pension rights.

In the Duxbury case, Mrs. Duxbury had argued that the court should also take into account that Mrs. Duxbury could spend the money she received on another man with whom she was living and who, it was said, was earning pounds 90 per week.

The court disagreed. As far as the court was concerned, the fact that Mrs. Duxbury could spend money on her live-in lover was no more relevant than if she had an elderly relative living with her.

Mr. Grose-Hodge said: ‘The court is not concerned with any moral aspect. If a live-in lover, however, is a pop star or someone else with considerable wealth, then the situation may be different.’

The judges were also not prepared to accept Mr. Duxbury’s argument that the lump sum should be reduced and maintenance payments awarded instead, because Mrs. Duxbury might one day remarry.

Get an Ex Back

Where a lump sum is ordered to be paid in a divorce settlement, it is a once-and-for-all payment. It usually cannot be varied and it cannot be asked for a second time.

Therefore, if an ex-wife marries again only a few months after receiving a substantial lump sum, the ex-husband would usually have no redress unless he could show that the wife had a settled intention to marry and had concealed the fact.

In 1982 a case was reopened when a wife, who had concealed her intention to remarry, received the matrimonial home as part of her divorce settlement and transferred it to her and her new husband a day later.

If Mrs. Duxbury had been awarded periodical maintenance payments as Mr. Duxbury had asked for, he could go back to the court if there were any change in the circumstances. Furthermore, if she actually remarried, any periodical payments would cease.

Where there are substantial sums of money involved, Mr. Crose-Hodge had one final piece of advice: ‘First, try not to get divorced! If that doesn’t work, then a matrimonial lawyer has got to know when to accept an offer of settlement – otherwise his client may lose out in the long run.